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Telehealth Services using HIPPA-compliant platforms.

Organizational Support and Educational Training, we will come to you. 

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ABA Consultative Services

ABA therapy is a well-researched approach that utilizes scientific principles of behavior and learning to analyze a person's behavior, the influence of their environment, and how they learn. ABA therapy programs aim to improve language and communication skills, attention and focus, social skills, memory, and academic performance while reducing negative behavior patterns.

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Vocational Services

Vocational rehabilitation, commonly known as VR or voc rehab, aids individuals with disabilities such as functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, or emotional impairments to triumph over obstacles in obtaining and maintaining employment or other fulfilling career paths.

Group Meeting

Therapy groups are helpful for those needing mental health support and those having social difficulties that affect their daily life. For some, the need for a psychoeducational or support group motivates them to seek group therapy, even if they are not currently experiencing any immediate concerns.


At Platypus, we value the important role of parents and caregivers in therapy. We understand and honor the various family dynamics that make each family unique. Our objective is to work together with you to create a personalized plan that meets your specific needs and helps strengthen your family with positive support.


Organizational Training

If your organization, school, or university wants to support the neurodiverse community and individuals with dual diagnoses, we offer training and consulting services. Our services include Disability Awareness, Understanding Disability in the Workplace, How to Support Autistic Individuals, Accommodation Consulting, Employment Training, and Vocational Support for transition-age students.

Child Psycholgist


Exploring one's inner self and addressing personal challenges can lead to a life-changing experience. Through assessment, traditional tests are used to assist clients and their loved ones in finding solutions and gaining valuable insights.

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